Public consultation with residents

Work proposals for a neighborhood plan for Háaleiti-Bústaðir are based on extensive public consultation with residents in the district, both young and old, and the ideas, suggestions and emphases that emerged from there

Work on the neighborhood plan for individual districts began in 2013 and is based on the Reykjavík Land Use Plan 2010-2030. The first task was to analyze the status and ecological suitability of all neighborhoods in the city with the involvement of competent planning consultants who were selected in a special pre-selection at the beginning of the work. The results of this work were then used to formulate the first proposals for improvements in the neighborhoods to submit to the residents and get their views on their local area.

Various methods have been used to get the views of as many people as possible

Creative consultation
Students in the elementary schools of the district worked on models of their neighborhood.
Images: The City of Reykjavík

Creative Consultation

Various methods have been used to get the views of as many people as possible. In collaboration with all neighborhood schools in Háaleiti-Bústaðir, 6th grade students were asked to make models of their neighborhood and hundreds of children took part in this work called Creative Consultation. These models were used in open residents’ meetings to discuss the situation. At the residents’ meetings, draft proposals for their neighborhood were presented and residents were given the opportunity to present their own ideas.

Together, the residents’ ideas, along with the proposals of planning experts, formed a draft vision for the future, which was discussed at special focus group meetings hosted by Gallup. The focus group meetings were convened with a random sample of Háleiti-Bústaðir residents, which ensured an even distribution of participants by age and gender. All ideas that emerged were recorded in the digital map database, Miðasjá, and are accessible to everyone on the neighborhood plan website. During this review process, various ideas from the planning experts on the utilization of certain areas were rejected, and therefore they were not included when the work proposals for the new neighborhood plan were formulated, which are now being presented. For further detail see here:

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