Háaleiti – Bústaðir work proposals

The preparation of a neighborhood plan for district 5 is in the final stages. The work is the result of extensive consultation with you, the residents of the district.

We plan to complete neighborhood plans for all neighborhoods in the district in the coming months

The Project Manager of the Neighborhood Plan talks about the work on the plan
Ævar Harðason
Project Manager of the Reykjavík Neighborhood Plan

Dear residents of Háaleiti and Bústaðir

The neighborhood plan for your neighborhood is now in the final stages.
Before we put the finishing touches on the plan, we would like to present the work proposals to you and hear your views.
These work proposals are based on ideas and suggestions that came from the residents and are intended to improve your neighborhood.

2Ideas include improvements in transport, measures to reduce disturbance and pollution from traffic, urban streets, for example by Bústaðvegur, and the strengthening of neighborhood centers. There are also ideas for permits to add apartments, extensions, bolstering playgrounds and green areas and much more.

All these proposals can be viewed on our website.

We also want to meet you. Therefore, we will have an exhibition and presence in Austurver from October 14 to October 20, where you can view the proposals and talk to our experts about the neighborhood plan.

Next week we also want to invite you for walks around the neighborhoods. These neighborhood walks will be advertised separately.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the work proposals.

Comments will be received until  January 7th 2022. Suggestions and comments can be sent to skipulag@reykjavik.is marked Neighborhood planning Háaleiti – Bústaðir.

We look forward to having a constructive and thorough discussion with you about the future of Háaleiti and Bústaðir.

Attitude survey

Ideas for the development of Miklabraut-Háaleitisbraut and Bústaðavegur

An online survey has been opened here on the web in connection with the presentation of work proposals for the Háaleiti-Bústaðir neighborhood plan.

Now, residents of Háaleiti-Bústaðir and other interested parties can view 3D images of possible development areas by Bústaðavegur and Miklabraut-Háaleitisbraut, which have had a very divided response in the current introductory phase of the district’s neighborhood plan.

This seeks to clarify the position of all age groups on these two main issues in the work proposals.

Everyone is welcome to take part in the online survey, which runs until, and including, January 7th 2022, or as long as the presentation of the neighborhood plan’s work proposals is online.

It should be emphasized that participants are not required to answers any questions and answers will not be personally identifiable in any way.

Intersection of Miklabraut and Háaleitisbraut before densification of the settlement.
Images: EFLA
Click image to view 3D model
Bústaðaðavegur by Grímsbær – before and after development in the area.
Images: EFLA
Click image to view 3D model
Intersection of Miklabraut and Háaleitisbrautafter densification of the settlement.
Images: EFLA
Click image to view 3D model
Bústaðaðavegur by Grímsbær – after development in the area.
Images: EFLA
Click image to view 3D model

The mayor’s neighborhood meeting in Háaleiti Bústaðir

The Mayor invites you to an open residents’ meeting in Réttarholtsskóli on Thursday 14 October 2021, at 20:00.

The prominent issues in Háaleiti and Bústaðir will be presented.  The residents’ meeting will be live-streamed and residents will also have the opportunity to send inquiries before the meeting by email or present them at the end of the meeting in the hall.

The coffee will be brewing from 19:30. Representatives of the Neighborhood Plan will be on site from then and they would like to hear from the residents.

The chairman of the meeting is Dóra Magnúsdóttir, chairman of the Háaleiti Bústaðir neighborhood council.

– Live-stream from the residents’ meeting will be accessible on this page, as well as the presentation slides of the speakers.

Inquiries from residents which have been sent before the meeting or are presented in the hall. Residents can send inquiries by posting in Facebook event or send an email to frettir@reykjavik.is

Residents’ meeting agenda:
Dagur B. Eggertsson, Mayor: Háaleiti and Bústaðir

Bryndís Eva Ásmundsdóttir, resident of 108 and teacher: 108 4life

Ævar Harðarsson, architect and Project Manager of the Neighborhood Plan:
Public consultation in the preparation of a neighborhood plan for Háaleiti and Bústaðir

Ragnhildur Skarphéðinsdóttir, landscape architect and consultant for the Neighborhood Plan: Interesting possibilities with neighborhood planning

Björn Einarsson, chairman of Víkingur: Víkingur – A powerful service in our neighborhood