a new district takes shape

Ártúnshöfði and Elliðaárvogur form the largest reconstruction and development zone in Reykjavík. The construction of up to eight thousand apartments and three primary schools is planned in the coming years, all within a fully formed district that is home to businesses and offers essential services. The crux of the reconstruction will be conducted along the planned route of the Cityline, which will cross through the planning zone. 

Ártúnshöfði & Elliðaárvogur

An live-stream public meeting for preliminary introduction for the area plan proposals for Ártúnshöfði and Elliðaárvogur took place Thursday 25th of February. Click here to watch the meeting.

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Green initiatives

The area is uniquely located. The proximity to the coastline and Elliðaárdalur’s outdoor recreation areas gives it a special standing in the city. The cove of Elliðaárvogur is known for its fair weather. It is sheltered from northern gusts and on the southside it is shielded by Ártúnshöfði. Its central location within the capital region and its proximity to main roads makes it ideal for a densely populated urban district that, with the arrival of the Cityline, will fall in line with recent developments in matters of public transport.

The major focus of all the planning work is to achieve the city’s climate goals, which are meant to encourage sustainable urban developments. More information about the planned reconstruction can be found under Planning

The neighbourhood will actualise key aspects of the Green Plan – Reykjavík’s multifaceted strategic plan for financing, construction and job creation within the city. The results will be a dense and environmentally conscious settlement with good connection points to first-rate public transport, excellent resources for bicycle traffic, a high quality of life and housing for all within a green and beautiful neighbourhood. In such a way, Ártúnshöfði and Elliðaárvogur will become the greenest neighbourhoods in the country. The goal is to secure the area a special ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFICATION.

Through the Cityline, Ártúnshöfði will be directly connected to the city centre, making downtown areas an extension of daily life and culture for the eastern parts of the city.

Krossamýri Square – the heart of the neighbourhood

Krossamýri Square stands by the Cityline axis which runs through the centre of the area. A cultural house will be by the square as well as diverse commerce and service. A public park is located behind the cultural house.

Overview of the planning area
Deliniation showing area 1 and 2, which are defined by a red broken line.

Hamarstígur – a green area and residential region
Hamarstígur lies in a green area and park between area 1 and 2. The residential region curtails down towards the green area.

Different times call for different resources

Proposals for the development of Ártúnshöfði and Elliðaárvogur have been on the agenda for a long time. In 2015, there was an open call for development ideas for the area, based on which a framework strategy was developed and then confirmed in early 2016. Since then, land use plans have been developed for certain parts of the area; e.g. the already confirmed plan for the western expansion of Bryggjuhverfi. More information on this can be found under Planning
Over the past few decades, large-scale industries have been prevalent in the area. The relocation of these industries is already underway. They will eventually be removed entirely and be replaced with a bustling city neighbourhood. In effect, the usage of this precious land is being modified to better suit the needs of the city’s residents in the future. The planned reconstruction will support existing industries in surrounding areas. A strong district centre will be established in Ártúnshöfði, which will strengthen the city’s eastern suburbs.
Rammaskipulagshöfundur segir frá vinnunni við skipulagið

Þráinn Hauksson
landscape architect FÍLA, Landslag ehf., framework plan designer, landscape design and making of design handbook.

Number of dwellings and

In Areas 1 and 2, the construction of up to 3.800 apartments is planned alongside various businesses within a bustling urban environment. The proposals have been developed in accordance with key factors stipulated by the Reykjavík Municipal Plan and take into accountmodern perspectives on urban development and planning. The areas’ land use plans will be environmentally certified by the appropriate professional bodies.
Páll deiliskipulagshöfundur ræðir áskorirnar við skipulagið

Páll Gunnlaugsson
architect FAÍ, ASK arkitektar, land use plan designer for Area 1.

Preliminary introduction of land use plan proposals
for Areas 1 and 2

With the unveiling of this web domain, the preliminary introduction of land use plan proposals for Areas 1 and 2 has officially begun. Before the land use plans are finalised, it is important to take into account the views of the areas’ prospective residents as well as other city residents. The key to creating a strong urban environment is making sure that all design and planning processes take stock of residents’ daily needs and activities. This alignment of design and planning on the one hand and daily usage on the other ensures a humane and beneficial urban environment.

Land use plan, area 1 – Krossamýri Square
City Line path is marked with red. Krossmýrartorg is in the centre of the picture by the City Line path and a public park pursuant to Krossmýrartorg.

Land use plan, area 2 – Sævarhöfði
Area 2 lies under Sævarhöfði. Geirsnef and Elliðaár are at the front in the picture. The City Line path is marked with red. The green area and the park are farthest back in the picture between area 1 and 2.

This preliminary introduction is intended to seek out comments and suggestions from the public. The goal is to ease the process by which comments and suggestions can be submitted so that they can be used to improve planning proposals before they enter into the official confirmation process.

The official confirmation process of land use plan proposals for Areas 1 and 2 will begin once the suggestions and comments gathered during the preliminary introduction have been processed.

– More information regarding the preliminary introduction and public consultations can be found here.

The swimming pool by Elliðavogur.
A swimming pool is assumed at the front of the area by Elliðavogur, with hot and cold tubs and sea swimming conditions.

Land use plan, area 3 – Elliðavogur
In area 3, which lies by Elliðavogur, there will be a haul connecting to a channel, a swimming pool and sea swimming, the sea, diverse walk paths and possibilities for leisure activities such as sailing, rowing and other hobbies.

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